Research and Leadership

The Community Engagement Partnership Initiative is a signature program developed by the UNO Community Engagement Measurement, Evaluation, and Assessment Committee in collaboration with the College of Information Science and Technology. This committee was established in 2016 and is responsible for institutional data, analysis, and reporting on community engagement.

For questions about the Partnership Initiative and/or consultations, please contact Keristiena Dodge.


The goals of the Community Engagement Partnership Initiative are multi-fold:

  1. It provides an infrastructure for systematic data gathering, tracking, and analysis of partnerships and projects.
  2. It provides dynamic, interactive, real-time data presentations and visualizations that demonstrate UNO's engagement to a variety of audiences.
  3. It allows UNO to move beyond basic metrics into leading indicators of success for community engagement.
  4. It provides an essential framework future community impact analysis, which ultimately is the desired goal.

Research Agenda

The long-term vision for the Community Engagement Partnership Initiative has been to measure the impact UNO has on the community. The work done so far has allowed us to:

  • Capture partnership and project data
  • Categorize the data based on key dimensions including:
    • Location (geographical; legislative)
    • Focus areas; topics addressed
    • Types of Organization
    • Types of Engagement
    • Campus Units Involved

The committee has proposed a research agenda that will allow UNO to measure impact and quantify them based on the dimensions in the dataset.

Engagement Measurement and Assessment Committee

  • Keristiena Dodge, Academic Affairs
  • Sachin Pawaskar, College of Information Science & Technology
  • Robyn Loos, Community Engagement Center
  • Julie Dierberger, Service Learning Academy
  • Kristina Cammerano, Student Success
  • LaTrina Parker, Service Learning Academy
  • Jeffrey Southall, Office of Civic and Social Responsibility