Projects Report

This report shows the various collaborative projects between UNO and the community. Various filters are provided to gain a better understanding of how different UNO units collaborate with the community.

Project Project Focus Areas Community Partners Campus Partners Engagement Type: Activity Type: Other Activity Type: Start Semester: Start Academic Year: End Semester: End Academic Year: Total UNO Students: UNO Students Hours: UNO Faculty/Staff Hours: Total K-12 Students: K-12 Student Hours: Total Number of Other Participants: Topics: Other Topics: Description: Subtags:
Global Aging (Fall 2022): 2022-23 (2810) Service Learning None None Fall 2022-23 Fall 2022-23 10 110 0 0 0 0 Aging This course offers USA students and students in Poland the opportunity to work collaboratively to explore and critique literature describing the experience of aging, public and private resources for older adults, and the work, social, and economic contexts of aging and being old in the USA and in Poland within a global framework. Traditional service learning
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