Projects Report

This report shows the various collaborative projects between UNO and the community. Various filters are provided to gain a better understanding of how different UNO units collaborate with the community.

Engagement Type: Service Learning
Activity Type:
Start Semester: Fall
End Semester: Fall
Start Academic Year: 2020-21
End Academic Year: 2020-21
Topics: Education , Youth Programming

Description: UNO Young Scholars, under the direction of Aaron Krueger, will collaborate with Ms. Jennifer Magnuson-Stessman's fourth-grade students from Washington Elementary School. The students will be involved in a back and forth dialogue relating to the college experience. Washington Elementary students will write letters to their UNO partners and be able to ask about their first years at UNO. Young Scholars will travel to Washington Elementary School to have a panel for Q&A questions from the fourth graders.
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