Projects Report

This report shows the various collaborative projects between UNO and the community. Various filters are provided to gain a better understanding of how different UNO units collaborate with the community.

Engagement Type: Service Learning
Activity Type: Course
Start Semester: Fall
End Semester: Fall
Start Academic Year: 2020-21
End Academic Year: 2020-21
Topics: Health Awareness , Holistic Wellness , Wellness, Aging, Business , Youth Programming

Description: UNO CDIS 8450 will help with creation of video modeling activities for the ASN Fall Festival. The ASN Fall Festival will be conducted via Zoom this semester. UNO SLP and OT students will be split into small groups and develop video models of activities ASN participants can do in the comfort of their own home. All brainstorming sessions between UNO SLP and Creighton OT students will happen via Zoom – meeting times will be scheduled by group members based on their individual schedules. All activities recorded will still be based around a Fall Festival theme.
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