Projects Report

This report shows the various collaborative projects between UNO and the community. Various filters are provided to gain a better understanding of how different UNO units collaborate with the community.

Engagement Type: Engaged Research
Activity Type:
Start Semester: Summer
End Semester:
Start Academic Year: 2020-21
End Academic Year:
Topics: Juvenile/Adult Justice System

Description: Assessment programs are a Direct Service program - a program that meets with a youth a few times to conduct a singular service, in this case, to evaluate the youth to identify mental health and/or behavioral risks and needs. Programs may use any number of different assessment tools to assess the risks and needs of the youth and provide recommendations for services for prevention and intervention. Under Assessment programs are also Assessment Centers, which are a location where staff can meet with youth to complete the evaluations, and Referral Services, which are agencies that help youth and families find services within their communities based on their assessed needs.
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