International Service is one of the mission categories in the Community Partnership Initiative. Community partners and projects with the mission of International Service work to address international needs and concerns, while devoting efforts to both local populations (including refugees, immigrants, and exchange students) and international populations.

UNO has more than 10 partnerships with community organizations that address issues related to international service and has identified over 30 projects that make an impact on the community.

One of these projects was carried out by College of Public Affairs and Community Service student Alyssa Cardona. During a study trip to Nicaragua, Alyssa learned that a local maternal and child health clinic in Managua was in danger of closing and that the doctor working there had been working months without pay. Alyssa organized a fundraiser that saved the maternal and child clinic.


Behind each partnership and project, there is an impactful story - demonstrating the power of collaboration in transforming communities.
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