Health and Wellness is one of the mission categories in the Community Partnership Initiative. Community partners and projects with the mission of Health and Wellness work to bring awareness to the health and wellness needs of everyone, including specific health concerns of the ill, the aged, those with disabilities, and others in need, while advocating for healthy lifestyles.

UNO has 60 partnerships with community organizations that address issues related to Health and Wellness and has identified over 65 projects that make an impact on the community.

One of these projects was carried out by the College of Arts and Sciences student Jimmy Nguyen. Jimmy volunteered at Methodist hospital by bringing gift baskets and having conversations with patients to cheer them up. One connection he made formed a lasting bond beyond the hospital.

"I formed a connection with a specific patient. I visited him for about a month before rehabilitation," Nguyen said. "When he went through therapy at another location, he asked me to come with him. So we continued our relationship from there on."


Behind each partnership and project, there is an impactful story - demonstrating the power of collaboration in transforming communities.
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