Environmental Stewardship is one of the mission categories in the Community Partnership Initiative. Community partners and projects with the mission of Environmental Stewardship work to improve the environment through sustainability and awareness.

UNO has more than 50 partnerships with community organizations that address issues related to environmental stewardship and has identified over 30 environment projects that make an impact on the community.

One of these projects is the Nebraska Watershed Network, a student-driven organization that aims to promote water quality through citizen science. The program director, former UNO faculty member Alan Kolok, Ph.D., discussed the importance of educating people about water quality. "There are a lot of water issues in this town and in this state. This state is highly agricultural which means you get a lot of agricultural run-off."

Behind each partnership and project, there is an impactful story - demonstrating the power of collaboration in transforming communities. Click here for the list of Environmental Stewardship projects.